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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how do i get my sf-15

Instructions and Help about how do i get my sf-15

Hey guys it's Sebastian from ask Sebby and today we are going to answer a bunch of your questions related to credit card upgrades product changes as well as bonuses associated with it the reason I emphasize ask and Sebby and why i've changed up the intro a few times recently is because google deepmind's Google a I is interpreting those words and the series of words in the intro as something else just a heads up in case or someone wondering about that due to the recent changes also if you are someone that wants to support the channel pretty easy way to do that that doesn't cost you anything is to give this video a thumbs up really supports us the first question is whether you can upgrade the card within the first year so if I apply for a freedom card right now and I realize that Chase Sapphire Preferred is a better fit can I do that upgrade within the first year or maybe Chase Sapphire Preferred to Chase Sapphire Reserve so you can not do this and this applies for other cards and other issuers as well due to something called the card act this is the credit card accountability responsibility and disclosures Act there's a lot to talk about within that act but the main takeaway for our purpose is that you cannot or they cannot charge an annual fee that's higher than what you agreed upon in the first year this is mostly targeted towards more subprime cards so cards to make sure that people aren't skinned and taken advantage of but for our purpose it means that they can't charge you a higher annual fee due to the loss so even though they would want you to upgrade to that higher annual fee card they legally can't do it because otherwise you're breaking the law and you could make the argument well why when they just gave you that higher annual fee card without charging you that higher annual fee and that's kind of like going into a steakhouse and ordering a hamburger and being like hey give me that Kobe beef product changes within the same annual fee range should be fine but it really just depends on the issuers and how they coded up the back ends so if you wanted to product change from the freedom to the freedom unlimited or to the slate card those should all be fine it really does depend on how they do their back end though just because they could have said it in a way that you can't do any product changes within the first 12 months to mitigate any risk of than breaking the law number two can I product change a card and get a bonus for that card so you typically cannot do this except for some chase cards and some American Express cards when offers are provided this is one of the most confusing parts about it.