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Instructions and Help about how to fill out sf 15

So we're going to talk about why companies use online applications and I bet people in the room have some ideas so anybody have an idea so yeah say it follows efficiency yeah efficiency efficiency saves time saves what else money saving time and money the and we're also going to address the how to prepare for completing an online application and then online applications often have a not all of them but some of them have a section about evaluating and assessing you so some people experience that and some of them sometimes their personality tests and things like that so we're going to go over that yes you're you I didn't already cover that you're way ahead of us even though you came in late so it's like but so you said you are ahead of the game we're going to be we're going to be getting to that and then I have a handout for you to take home a master application and if we have time I'm hoping we have time to get to it you'll actually be able to practice filling one out while we're in class so you can do it do a hands-on on the computers that you have here so this is what we're going to be going over and we already brought up you already knew the answer to efficiency and cost so I want you to to begin to think of this as it's always a throughout your job search process the best mindset to have is a mindset of think of yourself as a recruiter think of yourself as the hiring manager so just think of as you're working on your online application think of the people who are going to be looking at it and think about it from that from that perspective so that is what this this slide is about is that so we're talking about why the companies use them went over this and so it's going to be electronic so that everything is easily tracked it's much more easy to handle than handling hundreds and thousands of paper copies there are also the the very bottom bullet point is about tax credit eligible eligible applicants and I'm going to address that later on in the workshop but employers get a tax credit for hiring specific populations so I want to bring that up as we go as we go further through this okay so to this point of thinking about yourself as a hiring manager or a recruiter if you're in a situation where a hundred people apply for a job and often thousands of people apply for a job this is just just giving you an example of how the online application coming through how how applicants can get can get either in the pool or dropped out of the pool so right away there are these pre-screening pre-screening questions that the application is taking a look at some of that are.