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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Veterans preference eligibility calculator

Instructions and Help about Veterans preference eligibility calculator

Music since 1907 Minnesota veterans have been afforded preference by law in public employment let's take a look at administering veterans preference in local government qualified veterans have many preferences under the law and as such must be afforded certain benefits from the date of hire so why give veterans preference to facilitate the transition of veterans from the military to civilian life and to help compensate veterans for their sacrifices including their sacrifices of health and time to the community state and nation for public employers the Minnesota veterans preference Act or vpa grants preference and protection to qualified veterans in two ways first in hiring preference and second in removal only for incompetency or misconduct we'll explore each in more detail the Minnesota veterans preference Act grants most veterans a limited preference over non veterans and hiring and promotion for most physicians in public agencies veterans applying for an open competitive position with a Minnesota County City School District or other political subdivision who receive a passing rating may choose to receive a credit of 10 extra points veterans with a service-connected disability who receive a passing rating may choose to receive a credit of 15 extra points spouses of deceased veterans or disabled veterans who cannot qualify because of their disability may also choose to receive extra points once minimum qualifications are met disabled veterans are ranked ahead of veterans who are ranked ahead of non veterans for Minnesota state and local government positions no veteran who has completed an initial hiring probationary period shall be removed from the position or employment except for incompetency or misconduct removal requires a hearing end due notice in writing a veteran facing removal must choose either a veteran's preference hearing or the collective bargaining grievance procedure but not both so who is a veteran for purposes of the law a veteran is a citizen of the United State or resident alien separated under honorable conditions from any branch of the US Armed Forces qualified veterans include those who after serving on active duty for a hundred and eighty-one consecutive days or by reason of disability incurred while serving on active duty or who've met the minimum active duty required by the federal rule the federal rule says minimum active duty is defined as the shorter of the following two periods 24 months of continuous activity duty or a full period in which the person was called or ordered to active duty or finally who has certain active military service credited under federal law World War Service in particular groups such as women Air Force Service Pilots Merchant Marines and so on who is not covered certain positions n individuals in exempted situations have been excluded from the veteran's preference act an agency may require employees including veterans to complete an initial probationary period probationary periods are defined to be no less than 30 days but not to exceed two years of full-time equivalent service however after serving an initial.


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