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As I was getting out of the army VA representatives were there while I was doing the army career and alumni program and they set us up with our initial claims as we were getting out and that was finalized by May so that was my first interaction I'm using healthcare services I'm also using my GI Bill and then my wife and I plan to use our VA home loan system it's important to me because we want to have a nice home in which to raise our children and I know for a lot of people especially us right now we're a single income family while I go to school my wife works so it'll be nice to have that advantage so one applies through the Department of Veterans Affairs documents are easily found online it's sent in your approved by the VA and then they will back your purchase and then you make your purchase through your private banker or your other mortgage facility and the idea is yet to keep your interest rates low as well they act as a as basically as a cosigner so to be really nice to have that we'd have to go to family to get a cosigner loan things like that we could be independent and we're very thankful for that I knew I wanted to get out and go to college so I had the you know the extreme pleasure in 2021 to watch the president sign me you know the post 9/11 GI Bill when I knew I can go to school anywhere I want now I signed up for the GI Bill that came in a timely efficient manner and there have been zero issues with that as well I use the ebenefits system to keep track of my GI Bill payments my compensation payments and also any plain statuses that I'm looking for there's a combination of the VA access in addition to military access you I can actually get by some of my military records like my original enlistment documents that are still online I can get them by signing up through the DES logon program so that's that's a double whammy I love it it's so easy it's there for you it is what you make of it and you don't know if you don't go.