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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sf-50 fillable and savable

Instructions and Help about Sf-50 fillable and savable

Hi in a session I'm gonna cover how to create a form letter using the Microsoft Word mail merge feature along with Microsoft Excel so you can think of mail merge as something where you'd have a template and you want to be able to use this template and change a couple things in the template such as who it's addressed to and some other attributes of the template or form letter and combine it with a database or a table of names and addresses and combine down to one and just have it spit out or produce multiple form letters where the only thing that's changing is maybe the name and address but the body of the letter is still the same so in a way it's kind of going through this black hole mail merge and coming out with unique or almost personalized form letters so I'll go ahead and show you how to do that with mail merge in Word with Word and Excel so the first thing we need to do is we need to go into marker soft word and I've already kind of put together a template maybe you have a template where you're sending out invitations to people or you have kind of some sales copy to prospective clients or whatnot and you just wanted to change up the person that's going to their address information and maybe some other information within the body of that letter so to start mail merge or just start creating your formulas you actually have to go into Microsoft Word first and you can already have a template set up there's already is probably some copy or some text that you have and maybe you just wanted to add in the name and address and some other item that's going to come from your Excel table so we have that built and you also want to have the excel table built so the other item we have is our excel table that has our our database of addresses information first name last name address 1 address - this could be an apartment number city state zip and this will use as our input into the mail merge so if we go back into word we have a little template here where we're going to start the mail merge and to start that we need to go into the mailings tab and under the start mail merge group you can go under start mail merge and the best way to do it is probably to go by the step by step mail merge wizard so go ahead and click on that and you're gonna go through six steps and the document that we're gonna create is our letters so we've already have some template here we're just going to go and click to the next step we're gonna start the document we can use a current document or we can start from a template or start from.

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