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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing login gov usajobs

Instructions and Help about login gov usajobs

As you search for a federal job you may read or hear about something called the accepted service what is the accepted service well other than executives there are two main categories of jobs in the federal government the competitive service and the excepted service most federal jobs are in the competitive service and these are the ones you usually see on USAJOBS jobs that are not in the competitive service by definition fall into the accepted service whether a federal job is categorized as competitive or accepted service can depend on the particular agency filling the job or the specific type of work involved for example all positions with the Central Intelligence Agency are in the excepted service attorney positions and all agencies are in the excepted service another example you may be familiar with are jobs for students and recent graduates under the pathways programs all initial hires into the pathways programs are in the accepted service except that service jobs are considered accepted because of the differences in how people are hired for these positions as compared to hiring in the competitive service for example while all competitive service jobs must be posted on USAJOBS excepted service jobs may be posted there but also can be advertised by agencies on their own websites also agencies may qualify and rank applicants for excepted service jobs by using different hiring procedures than for jobs in the competitive service as jobseekers here are three main points to keep in mind when you are applying for jobs in the excepted service first search for federal jobs on USAJOBS but also look for job postings in the careers or employment section of individual agency websites because excepted service jobs can be found either way second regardless of whether in the competitive or accepted service read the job opportunity announcement carefully to be sure you meet all requirements and follow all instructions on how to apply and finally keep in mind that salary and benefits information may be different depending on the type of job you are applying for we hope this information helps broaden your understanding about the possibilities when considering federal employment and we wish you a successful job search.