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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 5 point veterans preference form

Instructions and Help about 5 point veterans preference form

Veterans coming home is made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by pride stores I grew up in East Longmeadow and graduated high school in 77 and I was a football star I grew up without a father and all my on my learning aspects of what men were from John Wayne movies and Clint Eastwood movies and stuff so I you know the Marines was the place I wanted to go so I joined the Marines in the summer of 78 I grew up in the Mobile Alabama area in the south and I always I always had a good work ethic cut grass and and working grocery stores and all and I graduated from high school I was really looking to broaden my horizons I had not been out of the south and I was looking for I knew a woman to go to college I knew one or to further my education experience so I you know I thought about why not if I want to see the world and do all that going to the Navy in the military we established our identity this it becomes part of who we are so when we when we depart when we transition from the military we we still have that identity we had already proven ourselves we had already put ourselves into a position and into work jobs that we were not only proud of not only proud to be serving our country but also that we were very familiar with and confident and to somewhat start over that alone can be part of the frustration you know when people go through that change those are significant changes they say if I if I have this right the among the three large stressors in life or changing where you live changing your job and changing a change of the significant people in your life and a veteran when they go through that transition that's part of it they have a hard time letting go because that's what they've done I'm talking about letting go of what they do on a daily basis per se this this is how it worked in the military well it doesn't always work that way in the other world so my job is to critique them and say don't take it personally but this is what they're looking for that was build upon that because throughout the last few decades the term veteran has been receiving a negative connotation has been receiving PTSD it has been extreme discipline when discipline is great well he still discipline he's not flexible enough to to be successful in a work environment and the the track that we want to start bringing out is that veteran has more like a positive connotation you know this person knows how to be a team leader this person knows how to act under pressure there is some difficulty as far as veterans trying to figure out what.