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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What qualifies you for veterans preference

Instructions and Help about What qualifies you for veterans preference

Hi I'm Carlos with the Office of Personnel Management I'd like to share information with you about special hiring authorities that federal agencies sometimes you use to fill their jobs most federal jobs are filter open competition this means that agencies must post these job openings on usajobs.gov and members of the public may thought in addition federal agencies sometimes use special hiring authorities that enable them to meet unique needs or increase their ability to hire diverse talent in these cases job seekers who meet certain criteria may be hired without having to follow normal competitive procedures just keep in mind that they still must meet the requirements of the job and these hiring flexibilities do not guarantee them a job over other applicants let's talk about some of the more common special hiring authorities agencies may bring people on board using special hiring authorities for certain veterans hiring authorities such as the veterans recruitment appointment and then appointing authority for 30% or more disabled veterans recognize the unique contribution of a service members and take advantage of their extensive training and experience go to beds hire vets backbone for information on eligibility requirements military spouses this non-competitive appointment Authority for military spouses helps minimize disruption when military families move lead to permanent relocations and these is entry into federal service for spouses of service members who are filled or 100% disabled as a result of active-duty service again check out feds hire vets the Gov for details on eligibility individuals with disabilities this is often referred to as a schedule a hiring Authority from the federal regulation which is based it can be used to hire a person with an intellectual disability a psychiatric disability or severe physical disabilities check out usajobs.gov for more information students and recent graduates the pathways programs prthe means for eligible students or recent graduates to begin rewarding careers with the federal government you can find details on usajobs.gov also agencies may use a special direct hire authority when there is a severe shortage of qualified candidates or there is a critical hiring need for example agencies may need to fill positions quickly due to an emergency to meet legal requirements or to carry out a presidential mandate for more information check out the USAJOBS YouTube channel for other videos that describe the special hiring authorities in greater detail thanks for watching and I wish you a successful job search.

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