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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing veterans preference points for promotion

Instructions and Help about veterans preference points for promotion

Veterans preference advantage this is a great learning session for you because you're going to learn how you as a veteran qualify for great jobs many years have gone by ins and I have seen many veterans realized that they were qualified for these jobs and they they didn't know about these special hiring authorities that are available for them the veterans preference Act was passed by the government in 1944 it's been around for a while it's code encoded as the title v of the United States code title 5 USC 2 1:08 what does it mean well it just means that you're qualified for jobs based on your military service how exciting for veterans there is no guarantee of course but with your knowledge of this you have an 80% chance of getting a job I really believe that I believe that you can get a job with knowing this now when 2021 came around they made some changes to the ability to hire veterans and that that was due to our president's executive orders he was the one that was able to implement more more benefits for our veterans the president was able to prmore benefits for our veterans based on executive orders so he really pushed for our veterans to get these jobs what a great thing and it's just so awesome it made me more excited about helping veterans because I learned all about it and was able to share with other veterans are you eligible as a veteran yes you are the entitlement that you have starting with five points just on your basic three year service or you can also if you are a veteran who has served in the reserves and you served overseas or during a wartime 180 days you qualify between August 1990 to 1992 that's when they decided to implement the fact that if you served a hundred and eighty days overseas in the different campaign and received a campaign medal during wartime you would be eligible now the 10-point preference eligible is when you served at any time but your service disability service connected disability is what's going to give you the ten points you have also if you're a Purple Heart you could be eligibility so more about the preferences you have these different acronyms the CPS the CP the XP the TP now those you can if you review them they could be initials that you can put at the top of your resume and you would have to know which acronyms apply to you the CPS is for the rating of 30% or more the CP is a 10% or less still get the ten points the XP is a little less than templates percent and you still get ten points and then the TP is the five points now for spouses who have 100% disabled veterans they can also apply for jobs with a spouse preference that would have to be determined.