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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 10 point preference based on active duty

Instructions and Help about 10 point preference based on active duty

Johnny Fontana half amazing discussions and today we are going to talk about the reason why I left federal government employment for active duty all right now this video is not to impose my views on to anyone it's not to influence okay it's my story and everything that I present is basically revolving around my goals Who I am as an individual and my preferences right so I am as you may know just to give you some pre context I'm prior service record that active duty then I did a whole bunch of things right 39 about the eight forty come October right so basically I've done 20 years of just like non-stop you know engaging indulgent and you know taking in internalizing information and so forth and so on now I'm about to a forty which is like that turning point for me right we're sort of like I would say almost middle aged right where now I have the opportunity to make a difference and take all that I've learned and apply it in different areas of my life and my interest right so you know when you're when you're younger well first of all let me explain right what I'm doing right now is is very unusual right number one because it's just physically just reasonably speaking it's very difficult to even go back active duty in the Air Force right let alone go back active duty period let alone go back active duty at my age but not only that it's someone who like me who's been through all that I've been through being a former police officer being federal government owning my own business having all of that you know and now actually entering back into active duty or a lot of people are in reserve but I'm actually going the full round and also me just being able to understand certain things that others may not see now so to give you now some secondary context as I've said before I think in the past but I'll reiterate when it comes to the military a lot of people especially those who go through the four five six year mark or threshold it comes a point in time where you become very washed literally and I'm not saying brainwash in a street form right in terms of like are you just a killer or he just Molly knows is how to do is follow orders I'm not talking about that brainwash and I'm talking about in a sense of your condition for a certain way of life certain way of thinking and a certain way of approach to certain situations right and to certain individuals because when it comes to the military as soon as you get and it's the easiest thing to get in it's the easier you got to do is just show up say hey I want to join in you get you start your paycheck you know as.


Does it cost money to fill out a form to send money to a military person on active duty overseas?
No, scammers will try to tell you it costs money for everything pertaining to the military but it does not.
How one should fill branch preferences for BITS counselling, based on what we want or what we are likely to get based on our marks?
According to me , you should fill it based on your preference of the subjects in decreasing order of priority.The allotment considers the choices sequentially starting from the first choice ,till your last choice, based on the merit.But do consider the branch allotments against scores statistics for last year , specially if you are considering to apply for more than one campuses , before deciding your priority list.
Which is the best branch of the US reserves and why? What are the benefits of joining the Armed Forces?
This is a two part answer to your two part question.Part One: "Which is the best branch of the US reserves?"This one is really more of what your personal preference is we all have our bias to our respective branches. If your looking at staying close to home or in your home state talk to both your Guard and Reserve recruiters, There may be a NGB,ANGB, or ARB close by you. Chuck did say that they can send you any were and that's partly true but the Reserves just like the Guard try very hard to keep you in the state unless YOU request to fill a spot in another state. Guard very much so because a lot of that kind of stuff is State/unit funded.It is important to note The Guard and Reserves are not the same exactly... more like they are sisters with the same mother (Big Air Force in my case) and different fathers. The Guard will also have a state mission as well as a Federal mission. I could get more into this but for now just know that they are different in some ways but are still in the same family. Keep this in mind as you pick who you are going to join the benefits will also differ from active duty as well.Part Two: "What are the benefits of joining the Armed Forces?The benefits system can be a bit of a Mother **ck*r to understand but I will try to brake this down barney style and there are a lot of catches and hang ups on the VA side of things. ( So we will do that one first)VA benefits: IF you served in any branch at any time (war or not) and were given an honorable, medical, or general under honorable conditions discharge you are entitled to VA benefits. Note beyond your discharge what benefits you are qualified to get will depend on how long you served on Active Duty time, the type of discharge you got and bunch of other crap, but what you MIGHT get is the Post 9/11 GI bill, VA disability, Medical care, VA home loans, Help finding a job, homeless help and vocational training. Check with a VA rep or visit the VA web page to find out the particulars on what the requirements are for each benefit.Active Duty: Your collage is paid for 100% tuition assistance.Zero Cost Full Medical coverage for the active duty member and dependents* ( you have to pay for dental and eye care for your dependents but its not very much I pay like 75 bucks for my wife and kids).Basic substance allowance and Basic Housing allowance ( BAH/BAS): Non taxable money the AF gives you to pay rent and buy your groceries. ( you get this on top of your normal pay check)COLA: (Same idea as BAH/BAS just the over seas equivalent)Tax free paychecks wile deployed: If you deploy to a "combat zone" any funds earned wile deployed are Tax Free and you will get a slew of other types of pay depending on where exactly you deploy to but just know TAX FREE MONEY!!!!.SGLI (life insurance): 50K up to 400K up pay out if you die wile on active duty. (morbid I know but its good to know your family will be taken care of)Commissary/AF Base Exchange BX, Army PX, Navy/Marine NEXT: The Commissary is arguably a dying benefit but its basically a supermarket and the selection can sometimes suck. The BX is often a good place to buy electronics at good price most times its cheaper then anywhere else. (all tax free)Super Cheep Air Travel ( Space A): If there are seats available on a Mil bird and your or on leave you can try and fly Space A. Space A can be a real slow boat to china and you may be stuck some where for a wile and have to buy a commercial ticket to fly back home so your not marked AWOL. So its always best to plan in advance and have back up plan if your gonna fly Space A.Retirement: If your are joining now you will be under the Flex plan its the newest plan the DOD is rolling out it is more set to act like a 401K plan and just like a normal 401K it can be rolled over into a civilian job. I will not going to go into the old plan I am under just know under the old plan lets you retire at 38 (if you joined at 18 like me) and gives 50% up to 75% of your AD pay check depending on how long after 20yrs you serve.30 days (up to 60): Paid leave. you accrue leave at 2.5 days month.Paid Moves: AD will pay for you to move to another base if you get orders to PCS.Clothing allowance: 300 dollars given to you on the anniversary of your enlistment date annually, to buy more uniform items and what not.Guard/Reserve: Compared to Active Duty these poor sobs get the short end of the stick but compared to the rest of the civilian work force you got some damn good benefits. Collage Reserves: The reserves offer a program like active duty when it comes to paying for collage it think its called the Kicker or something but its 100% of your schooling paid for. ( reservists please correct me if I am wrong. )Collage Guard: what you get will largely depend on what state you joined up with for example California (a Communist Utopia IMO) gives you the governors grant that will pay for you to go to ANY state run school, UCLA, UC Berkley ect... pretty kick ass if you ask me.Medical Guard/ Reserves: You get medical benefits but you got to pay for them 280 bucks a month (not counting dental or eye care) , however still dirt cheep compared to A LOT of the civilian alternatives ( Thanks Obama care -_- ).BAH/BAS: No unless your are activated (only wile you are on orders) COLA: Same as BAH/BASCommissary/AF Base Exchange BX, Army PX, Navy/Marine NEXT: Same as active.SGLI (life insurance): Same as Active.Space A Travel: No unless your are activated.Paid leave 30 days (up to 60): No unless your are activated, however you will accrue leave wile on orders and you can One use them or Two sell them back to Big AF.Paid Moves: only if you have been on orders from more then a year.Tax free paychecks wile deployed: Same as active.Clothing allowance: NoRetirement: For the Guard and Reserves they work off a point system, every day on active duty is equal to one point, at the end of each year all your points are tallied and so on until you hit 35 years Time in service. Then they HAVE to retire you but you can retire at any time past 20yrs Time in service, however you can not collect on your retirement until you are at least 55. How much money you actually collect depends on how many points you have earned.Misc Benefits for all branches: The Air force ( in my case) will change you, in ways you will not see it until maybe you go back home for the first time, you accomplished so much grad basic, tech school and been to your first duty station.You become part of a warrior ethos and culture, you are now part of the under 10 club. I say that because if you look at the stats As of Jan. 31, there were close to 1.4 million people serving in the U.S. armed forces, according to the latest numbers from the Defense Manpower Data Center, a body of the Department of Defense. That means that 0.4 percent of the American population is active military personnel. As of 2022. the VA estimates there were 22 million military veterans in the U.S. population. If you add their figures on veterans to the active personnel numbers mentioned above, 7.3 percent of all living Americans have served in the military at some point in their lives. (http://fivethirtyeight.com/datal... )As the WW2, Korea and Vietnam vets report to there final duty station in the sky the number will grow smaller and smaller every year. I will leave you with this final thought a benefit of my feelings toward what we do and a poem if you will...When my country asked who will go? I stood up and said "I will". I took an oath to defend my country and in doing so gave Uncle Sam a blank check cashable up to the cost of my life. We are a brotherhood, I use that term loosely as I have sisters in arms as well as brothers. We all share a common bond of kin ship, our road is not an easy its one paved with the blood of our fathers, sisters, bothers and mothers.I stood with General Washington to cross the Delaware, I am a Veteran I marched in company tune to fight my brothers at Gettysburg, I am a Veteran I screamed "over the top" and charged in to No Man's land rife in hand, I am a Veteran I patrolled the darkest depths of the ocean praying that the next depth charge would be the last, I am a Veteran I stormed the bloody beaches of Iwo Jima and Normandy, I am a VeteranI flew 25 combat missions in the sky's over Nazi Germany, I am a Veteran I stacked the bodies 10 high and stopped those yellow reds at the 38th parallel, I am Veteran I stood on the brink of Armageddon ready to end the world in atomic fire, I am a Veteran I dropped fire on people and fought in the darkest jungles of Vietnam, I am a Veteran I flew through the deserts on a wing and a prayer in the first gulf war, I am a VeteranI drove down the IED filled roads of Iraq and Afghanistan, I am a Veteran.We go where eagles dare(airborne), leading the way (rangers), saying "follow me" (infantry) and aiming high (Air Power FTW) . We know the only easy day was yesterday (SEALS) and no one will ever come close (Navy) to how well we do what we do. We will always remain faithful ( Marines) and we do this so that others my live ( Air Force Para-rescue).
Could civilian police carry out an arrest warrant on an active duty soldier living on a military base, or would the MP need to make the arrest?
USA.If civilian police catch him off base, they can arrest his ass no matter where he resides.If the suspect is on a US military base, yes, no, maybe.Sorry, a one-size-fits-all answer is not available.Depends on the base and/or what part of the base. Civilian police have no authority in exclusive military jurisdiction areas. The military cannot aid civilian police, except in very, very limited circumstances. See: - 32 CFR 182.6- Procedures. See also,10 U.S.C. § 375. Restriction on direct participation by military personnelThe Secretary of Defense shall prescribe such regulations as may be necessary to ensure that any activity (including the provision of any equipment or facility or the assignment or detail of any personnel) under this chapter does not include or permit direct participation by a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps in a search, seizure, arrest, or other similar activity unless participation in such activity by such member is otherwise authorized by [Constitutional] law.The arrest would have to be made by federal agents. Example: NCIS Special Agents are civilians authorized by law to conduct arrests of military members and civilians alike, both on and off military installations.Some base have areas of concurrent (civilian and military) jurisdiction. Often times, housing is concurrent jurisdiction. Civilian police can make arrests of military personnel in areas of concurrent jurisdiction.
When doing Scrum, I use story points based on the total number of points completed in a sprint. When doing Kanban, I am not sure how to work out capacity. What is the best way to do this?
There is a bunch of misinformation about this topic. Firstly, yes Kanban doesn’t talk about sprints, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be doing sprints and doing Kanban. Kanban is a system of evolutionary change and improvement that you layer ON TOP of some other process. That might be a relatively lightweight system like Scrum, or a more rigorous one like Extreme Programming, or even a full PMBOK Waterfall system. (Yes, you can use Kanban with Waterfall - it is simply a system for visualising, prioritising and improving the flow of work and can be applied to anything).So you can be doing sprints and Kanban, that’s fine. Or maybe you have ditched Scrum, and are using Kanban with some very lightweight system for defining your work.Kanban doesn’t tell you how to plan capacity, because it’s not a system for doing that - Scrum or something else is. Or your own system. Also remember that Kanban is based on a “pull” rather than “push” idea: rather than try to figure out capacity and push work into a system until it reaches that capacity, the team simply works on highest priority work, “pulling” things that ready to be pulled, completing them as quickly as possible, and then pulling the next thing. All while minimising the amount of work in progress and swarming on blockers.Planning capacity is less important than you probably think. If you really need to do it, come up with your own system or use story points or whatever else you feel appropriate. Kanban and its concerns are orthoto capacity planning - not opposed to it, just not interested in it.I hope that helps!If you want more information, I write about these sorts of topics on my blog, at Extreme Uncertainty - Practical modern agileLeon Tranter
How can we pass query params in post API using Angular (I have to fill out the state dropdown based on the country ID)?
Ideally, query parameters are not meant to be passed with URL in POST API, as there is something called body which we already pass in POST request, parameter should be extracted from that. But if anyhow if you need to pass URL query parameters in POST request, you can pass normally how one pass in GET request with URL.For example,Url: “https://xyz.com/postApiUri?param...If you need to pass that query parameter in body then in request after URL parameter, you can pass the query parameter as key value pair(JSON object)For example,Request(url, { param1: value1}, {headers})Hope that helps (:
Is there any us base army in igerua now? And how long does it takes to approve for leave on active duty us army?
I’ve heard this question many times. It sounds to me like you are communicating with a scammer. This might help:Can You Spot the Scammer?Army investigators warn public about romance scamsOnline romance scams
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