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How to complete any Form SF-15 online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 10 point preference based on active duty

Instructions and Help about 10 point preference based on active duty

Johnny Fontana half amazing discussions and today we are going to talk about the reason why I left federal government employment for active duty all right now this video is not to impose my views on to anyone it's not to influence okay it's my story and everything that I present is basically revolving around my goals Who I am as an individual and my preferences right so I am as you may know just to give you some pre context I'm prior service record that active duty then I did a whole bunch of things right 39 about the eight forty come October right so basically I've done 20 years of just like non-stop you know engaging indulgent and you know taking in internalizing information and so forth and so on now I'm about to a forty which is like that turning point for me right we're sort of like I would say almost middle aged right where now I have the opportunity to make a difference and take all that I've learned and apply it in different areas of my life and my interest right so you know when you're when you're younger well first of all let me explain right what I'm doing right now is is very unusual right number one because it's just physically just reasonably speaking it's very difficult to even go back active duty in the Air Force right let alone go back active duty period let alone go back active duty at my age but not only that it's someone who like me who's been through all that I've been through being a former police officer being federal government owning my own business having all of that you know and now actually entering back into active duty or a lot of people are in reserve but I'm actually going the full round and also me just being able to understand certain things that others may not see now so to give you now some secondary context as I've said before I think in the past but I'll reiterate when it comes to the military a lot of people especially those who go through the four five six year mark or threshold it comes a point in time where you become very washed literally and I'm not saying brainwash in a street form right in terms of like are you just a killer or he just Molly knows is how to do is follow orders I'm not talking about that brainwash and I'm talking about in a sense of your condition for a certain way of life certain way of thinking and a certain way of approach to certain situations right and to certain individuals because when it comes to the military as soon as you get and it's the easiest thing to get in it's the easier you got to do is just show up say hey I want to join in you get you start your paycheck you know as.

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