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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sole survivorship preference

Instructions and Help about sole survivorship preference

If you've served your country you must be given a leg up if you come home and want a state job that would actually become the law under a bill passed the at the passed in the State House today this follows a newschannel5 investigation that revealed how the TBI was essentially ignoring a law that was intended to protect our veterans our chief investigative reporter Phil Williams is still on the case when the bell rings those opposed vote no on Capitol Hill I think you've made my point lawmakers filmed themselves revisiting a law passed six years ago that said veterans would be given preference for state jobs state representative Joe Pitts once they understood and actually saw the story on newsChannel five about the TBI I think that's old as a veteran I took that as an insult our investigation rebuilt how the TBI routinely ignored a state law that said preference will be given to veterans interpreting it as may be given I don't believe there was ever any intent to force any agency had to hire anybody so you do not view that as a mandate no I do this bill as amended will change the word will to shall and that one simple change lawmaker said will make it clear that veterans preference isn't something that agencies like the TBI can simply choose to ignore and we wanted to make it crystal clear that the state of Tennessee wants to give our veterans hiring preference that same bill passed out of a Senate committee earlier this week on a unanimous vote meaning it's likely wellness way to becoming law Phil Williams News Channel five investigates and Phil's investigation of the TBI hiring practices began with a tip from a viewer so if you know of something we should investigate send us those tips the email address is investigate at newschannel5 comm or you can call six one five two four four news.