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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sf 86 fillable

Instructions and Help about sf 86 fillable

This is clearance jobs TV you're on the air with Emmaline Smith today we go to the phones hello caller what's your question I was wondering what I could do to speed up the process of getting my security clearance actually a lot first practice practice practice just like the practice tests you took in high school you should practice filling out the sf-86 before attempting to complete the electronic version online also known as equip you'll save yourself a lot of time and frustration you can get a paper copy of the sf-86 from or or from your FSO another tactic list short-term employment residents education and other seemingly unimportant information why because it is important when an investigation turns up missing or inconsistent information it adds extra time so always be complete and accurate let's go to our next caller you're on the air with clearance jobs TV do I really have to look up all the zip codes for past jobs home schools yes our own zip code means part of your investigation we'll go to the wrong investigative office the case could languish for weeks before the air is noticed postal zip codes are critical let's go to line four hello you're on the air hi Emmaline I was wondering if I should be afraid of what's on my credit report and also I was fired for my last job but it wasn't my fault do I need to explain the firing well first on your credit report I don't know if you should be afraid but you can easily find out like the Boy Scouts say always be prepared you can get a free credit report from WW annual credit review it before completing your sf-86 something you are unaware of may appear on the report and cause delays so this gives you a chance to correct or explain the unfavorable situation in advance to answer your second question yes if you are ever fired explain it if you left a job under less than favorable circumstances explain the situation in the comments action of question 22 of the sf-86 give the name and/or position of the person who terminated you or asked you to quit we have time for one more caller you're on the air hypothetically if I had some run-ins with the law or financial problems how where should I list those on my sf-86 this is just a hypothetical question hypothetical sure whatever you say be sure to categorize any unfavorable information in terms related to the mitigating conditions these are listed in the adjudicative guidelines for example there are 13 guidelines covering such things as alcohol consumption drug involvement financial considerations and criminal conduct that's all the time we have until next time I'm Evelyn Smith and this has been clearance jobs TV.