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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing veterans preference opm

Instructions and Help about veterans preference opm

And now let's talk about some veteran hiring and special hiring authorities that are accommodating to veterans when they're trying to get into the federal government let's begin by talking about veterans preference veterans preference is mandated by law and allows a veteran who has served their country honorably to get preference for the purposes of federal employment so as a veteran applies for a job they're going to look at things like the character of service they're going to look at whether you have a service-connected disability those are some of the elements that the government actually recognizes the service that one does as an individual for their country they're going to look at do you have a service-connected disability so they're going to be different programs that a person who has a service-connected disability can actually use when applying for a government job that says I'm going to have some preference over a person who does not have any preference at all so one of the things it does not do however it does not guarantee you a job so you're going to have to once again use your experience and use your education to apply for a federal job to match yourself better in a environment that's going to give you the best opportunity for that job the preference then takes over and is applied and gives you a boost once you're trying to get a federal job one of the programs that we have is called the veterans recruitment appointment and under that law the VRA appointment actually what we do is a veteran who is eligible for that program is looked at based upon qualifications and experience and they're eligible for a non-competitive appointment up to a great gs-11 now non-competitive actually means that an agency has an option to be able to market to be able to advertise and to be able to select the veteran and appoint them directly into that position so they enter into a program that puts them two years into training and the agency has the option of converting into a permanent appointment because they normally begin at what we call a term appointment or a temporary appointment and so they get trained for a couple of years to be sure that they're able to actually do that job before they convert it to a permanent position and then we have folks who have a minimum of a service-connected disability and any service member who meets those requirements once again the agency has an option of being able to appoint you directly into a position so with this one however it goes up to a great gs-15 so once again they're looking at minimum over thirty percent service-connected disability and this one once again they bring you on board temporarily and fit you into a position and once they determine that you are capable of doing that job they can convert you at any time into a permanent.