Form SF-15

What is a SF 15 Form?

This is an application used by veterans and their relatives. This document is required by Federal agencies and OPM examining offices to verify an individual’s eligibility for veterans’ preference in accordance with the Veterans’ Preference Act of 1944. An applicant should fill a form out and submit it together with supporting documentation. In general, standard form 15 is needed as a part of job application.

It is an approval of a 10-point veteran preference that is required for a veteran’s widow, or a close family member if they want to apply for a federal job. The form requires verification of the veteran’s data and will be used, along with additional documentation, to determine whether an applicant is entitled to 10-point veterans’ preference.

Which Documents are Necessary for an Application?

Most of the employers specify the information about required documents that applicant needs to bring. However, there are mandatory ones that should demonstrate discharge, separation, or release from active duty. These are:

  • Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty or DD-214;

  • Orders on retirement or separation;

  • Certificates showing the transfer of the employee to the reserve corps of the Armed Forces;

  • A written statement from the military official attesting that the service member is expected to be discharged or released from active duty in the Armed Forces for valid reasons within 120 days from the date of signing.

SF 15 form may be filed when needed. There is no limit on how many times you can apply and claim a right to get a preference. However, it is not applicable when the agency is using merit promotion procedures to fill a position.

It is recommended to be critically accurate and fill all the lines with full information. The SF 15 form provides a list of necessary documentation to be filled out too.

While filling the SF 15 out try to follow the instruction carefully:

  • write in your personal data;

  • indicate your service name and period;

  • enter all required information in a body of a fillable document;

  • put the date of preparing a document;

If you are still not confident about your right to claim veterans’ preference eligibility, you may also visit the website of Department of Labor's Veterans’ Preference Advisor.

Once a document is completed you may print it or send to an addressee. In this case your addressee would be an agency where you seeking an employment.